Rifle Hunting

The Limpopo Province of South Africa is considered by many to be one of the greatest hunting grounds and terrains in the world, and one of the best destinations for rifle hunting in South Africa.

Hunting is conducted on foot (walk-and-stalk). Your professional guide will lead the hunter on a still hunt through an area where certain animals are known to congregate. We also make use of blinds, where we know certain animals move through a known area. Once the animal has been harvested, the animal will be loaded and brought back to the skinning shed where our expert skinning team will take care of your trophy.

Shooting distances range from between 50 yards and 200 yards and shots are typically taken off of tri-pod shooting sticks.

Rifle and Calibre Information

No more than one firearm per calibre and 200 rounds per firearm will be permitted on your hunting safari with Tinashe and no automatic or semi automatic rifles are allowed.

The best rifle to use when on safari, is the one you are most familiar with. Rifle hunting in Africa is by far the most popular method for hunting plains game, lions and dangerous game. When choosing your calibre, consider the animal being hunted, and the terrain the hunting will occur in.

The right rifle will depend on the trophies you intend taking on your safari.

For dangerous game and thick skinned game, such as elephant, rhino, buffalo and lion, the .375 calibre is the minimum required in Africa.

Any calibre bigger than .375 is welcome. It is recommended that you bring solids for thick skinned animals like elephants, rhino and buffalo, and soft nose bullets for leopard and lion.

If the outfitter is to supply rifles for the client, this will be at a fee of R150 per rifle per day.
The client will be held liable for any damage incurred to the rifle or scope due to negligence on the client’s part. Bullets are at cost per box.

Firearm & Ammunition Allowances and Specifications  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

•             Only one firearm per caliber is allowed per person
•             Ammunition is to be packed in a separate container, which has to be locked and marked with details.
•             In total 11 pounds , not more than 200 rounds, is allowed per hunter. 40-60 rounds per rifle is sufficient.
•             No person under 21 years may bring a firearm in under their own name
•             Prohibited firearms, which may NOT be imported into South Africa  includes:
Semi or fully automatic weapon, Handguns for self-defence, weapons which fall under military categories

Minimum calibres:
Small species including impala is .243W.
Medium species up to Red Hartebeest is .270W.
Large species requires a minimum calibre of 300 H&H or larger.
Big five/ dangerous game, minimum required is 375 H&H or larger.
No hunting without a guide accompanying the hunter is allowed.

- Proceed through passport control; claim your general luggage at the carousel.
- Look for the firearms representative - he will be standing with all the rifles
- Present your passport and luggage tag and sign for your rifle to be released (only SAA passengers not Delta)
- Exit through the doors where you will be met by a Somerby Safaris representative.
- We will then take you to the police office where we have already given them your rifle paperwork.
- You will have to open your rifle cases so the serial numbers can be compared to that on the permit.
- You will sign the SAP520 form and the register book and wait for the rifle to be released.
- You will be given a permit - check that your name, serial no and departure date is correct.
- Keep it safely in your gun case and present it to the police at time of departure for your rifle to be able to leave SA.