Mkolo has been a hunting & safari destination for the last 35 years and caters for bow and rifle hunting.  The total hunting area at Mkolo comprises of about 2500 hectares. We offer a wide variety of some of Africa’s most beautiful and elusive trophy animals and have access to other concessions throughout Africa.
We are passionate about offering our hunters and safari groups an exceptional experience. While we conduct hunts throughout the year, we pride ourselves in providing good hospitality and personalised service, our experienced professional hunters and staff are dedicated to ensuring a memorable Safari experience.

We offer exciting “walk and stalk” hunting that is “fair chase” or if preferred, hunting from a blind. 18 Blinds are placed strategically at waterholes to be most effective or you could walk and stalk and with the best chance of getting close.
You will be accomplished with a professional hunter and tracker,  specializing in finding and following trails. Skinners ensure that the trophies are skinned and caped to perfection.

We are exempted to conduct hunting safaris throughout the year, however we recommend months of March through to October.
Each hunt is planned in detail to suit the personal requirements of the hunter and non hunting observers.

Our typical hunting day will start at the crack of dawn after a light breakfast and coffee or juice. You might want to spend the entire day out, in which case we will provide a lunch box and refreshments for the day. Should you not stay out the whole day we normally have a brunch at around 12 o’clock, we start the afternoon hunt as soon as the client is ready to go.

Most important, is that we cater towards each and every client’s needs. We will make recommendations however, the final decision rests with the client in which way he wants to hunt.

Hunting tariffs and prices are available on request, please contact us on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.