Bow Hunting

A Bow Hunting Safari is one of the most challenging but rewarding methods to hunt the wildlife of South Africa.

 We offer bow hunting safaris for all of the plains game species and dangerous game that can be bow hunted in South Africa include Cape Buffalo, Lion, Leopard and Hippopotamus.

The three types of bows which are legally permitted in South Africa are the compound, re-curve and longbow, with the compound bow being the choice of most international sportsmen who pursue the game of South Africa with a bow. A minimum draw weight of 50lbs is required for plains game hunting. It is, however, recommended to use a bow of 60lbs to 80lbs when hunting plains game. The minimum draw weight permissible by law when hunting dangerous game is 95lbs.

We strongly suggest that our hunter is very familiar and comfortable with his bow and equipment being used and that time is spent on the practice range honing your skills before commencing the hunt.

Blinds are used from which to ambush trophy animals. Blinds are placed strategically in close proximity to waterholes, ensuring a high success rate during the early morning and late afternoon where trophy animals are most likely to be encountered.
From blinds, the average shooting distance is 20 yards, but if you prefer to walk and stalk, distances can increase up to 60 yards.

A bow hunting safari should normally be slightly longer than a rifle hunting safari which pursues the same species. We would recommend a hunt of at least 5 to 7 days for trophy animals.

There are no permits required for bringing your bow into africa. All you need is a hard carry case and it is just checked in as oversize luggage. No other paperwork is required.